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About Us

The Toy Library concept started in the early 1970ís to assist parents with disabled children and operated from the Rotorua Queen Elizabeth Hospitalís Child Potential Unit.

In 1983 the Rotorua Community Toy Library was formed by the late Noldy McDonald and was made available to all who paid a membership fee. It was then a part of the Toy Library Federation. Some time later, it started operating from the St. Johnís Ambulance building. It became an Incorporated Society in 1989 and at that time was no longer a member of the Federation. When the Rotorua Public Library moved into a larger and new building in 1998 the Rotorua Community Toy Library was allowed to be housed in the new library thus working in partnership with the Rotorua Public Library but still remaining as an independent volunteer organisation. The name changed to The Rotorua Toy Library in 2002. In 2009 the library expanded and then gave the Toy Library a larger designated storage area for Toys allowing us to expand to a maximum of 400 toys in our collection.

The Rotorua Toy Library has a committee made up of volunteer parents, grandparents and supporters which are responsible in choosing the toys in the collection, cataloguing the toys, maintaining the toy collection and trialling toys before adding them to the collection. If you would like to support us and are interested in becoming a committee member please contact us:

We are self funded through toy rentals and grant monies. Fund raising is not required by the committee. We are a registered charity with the N.Z. Charities Commission, registration number CC34562.

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