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in Ride-ons for age group 2+ with rental of $2.50
This beautifully crafted horse develops balance and coordination. The wooden platform allows a place for feet to rest. Rocking movement is soothing. Legs should be long enough to reach the platform.
in Ride-ons for age group 3+ with rental of $3.00
This outdoor toy is suitable for sand play and excellent for developing eye hand coordination as well as manipulative skills. Please do not leave this wooden toy in the sun or in the rain.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 3+ with rental of $1.50
Develops eye hand coordination and manipulative skills. Also develops spatial concepts and shape recognition when learning to put the shapes on the pegs.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 3+ with rental of $1.50
Develops eye hand coordination as well as colour recognition as they fit the pieces together. Encourages language describing the pieces and pretend role play.
in Transport / Land, Air, Sea for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
Extends the imagination a as well as developing eye hand coordination and problem solving when building the car. Stimulates role play as a tow truck driver.
in Push and Pull for age group 1+ with rental of $2.00
This wooden trolley is a handy tool for helping to tidy up toys. Develops coordination and strengthens muscles. Is suitable for outdoors but is not suitable for sand or garden work. Should not be left out in rain or the harsh sun.
in Puzzles and Games for age group 4+ with rental of $3.00
Children build towers depending on the colour or number of dots that come up when the dice are thrown. The winner is the one who stacks the bricks successfully and produces the highest tower. It develops colour recognition, fine motor skills, proportion in sizes, and quantity. It encourages problem solving regarding the best way to stack the bricks for success. A game for group or family play. Pieces are big enough to play on the floor.

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