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in Pretend Play for age group 3+ with rental of $3.00
Using the utensils included develops fine motor skills during imaginative real life role play imitating family life. Encourages observation of the world around them.
in Ride-ons for age group 1+ with rental of $2.50
Develops gross motor skills and coordination. Is good for toddlers just learning to walk. It requires developing of balance to stay on the seat with the help of the antenna to hold on. It also has space below the seat to place a teddy to take along on the ride.This toy should not be used near steps or pools and not on the roads.
in Dress-ups for age group 2+ with rental of $1.50
The lightweight material allows pretend play as a fluttering butterfly. There is also a Monarch butterfly wings included so a friend can join in the fun. Do not wear near open fires or heaters.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 1+ with rental of $2.00
Develops size perception and eye hand manipulative skills in young children. Encourages colour recognition.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 2+ with rental of $2.00
A wooden toy which fascinates as the cars races down the track and flips when it reaches the end. Is suitable for mature 18 month old.
in Transport / Land, Air, Sea for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
Large sturdy vehicles are always popular. It stimulates imaginary and role play both inside or on fine days outside in the sandpit.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 0+ with rental of $1.50
These two toys encourages cause and effect responses. As they are pushed across the floor they make a noise encouraging movement by the child. The ducks have knobs on the sides to add interest to play. These toys are suitable for 6 months +.
in Ride-ons for age group 2+ with rental of $3.00
Balance Bikes develops balance, coordination and large motor skills. This bike is the first step to learning to ride a small push bike without the need for training wheels. Supervision is required and the use of safety head gear is also required when using this bike. Do not use near roads, stairs or pools. This bike is for use up to the age of 5 years. Please read the safety card before allowing your child uses this bike.
in Outdoors for age group 2+ with rental of $3.00
Allows for gross motor skills and provides sensory and proprioceptive input. Useful for small group social experiences fostering cooperation and communication. Can be used as a place of calm and retreat for a child on their own. Tunnel is 1.20 meters long and 80 cm in diameter. PLEASE USE ON SMOOTH OR GRASSY AREAS ONLY. NO SHOES PLEASE ! DO NOT USE ON ROUGH AREAS SUCH AS PAVEMENT, CONCERET OR GRAVEL !
in Puzzles and Games for age group 4+ with rental of $2.00
Create colourful designs in the puzzle tray or remove the blocks and build freestanding sculptures. Develops concentration when following instructions. Encourages creativity when developing their own ideas. Maths concepts can be developed. Develops eye hand coordination as well.

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