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in Pretend Play for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
Role play can assist your child in life skills as they grow. This also develops fine motor skills and coordination as the child attaches the doll clothes or even his or her own clothes to the line with the easy to grip large clothes pegs.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 2+ with rental of $2.00
Builds eye hand coordination while strengthening fine motors skills. Develops colour and shape recognition. Dial the centre disk and select a colour as it appears through the hole. The child then must place the ladybug pieces in the correct position allowing the matching colour to show through the hole on the ladybug piece thus developing problem solving skills at a very early age. The maze encourages problem solving and can be changed to vary the challenge. It also develops eye/hand coordination.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 2+ with rental of $1.50
Develops manipulation skills with cause and effect. Pushing the lever flips the ball up behind the numbers. Teaches basic maths, counting, addition and subtraction.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 1+ with rental of $3.00
This 5 sided activity centre is a hub of activity. Helps to develop colour and shape identification. Encourages eye hand coordination along with cause and effect perception. The bead frame develops manipulative skills along with sorting and basic maths.
in Arts for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
This kit encourages creativity while developing fine motor skills along with eye hand coordination. Stimulates an interest in arts and crafts. Consumables are not supplied.
in Outdoors for age group 4+ with rental of $2.00
Develops eye hand coordination while improving throwing and batting skills. Encourages interactive group play and interest in sporting activities. A smaller set is available for younger children.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 1+ with rental of $1.50
Maths comes in different shapes and sizes this colourful Daisy set, has large pieces for small hands. Helps young children with colour recognition and matching shapes as well as early counting while developing manipulative skills.
in Pretend Play for age group 4+ with rental of $2.00
This set of dinosaurs can stimulate interest in the history of ones world. It encourages recognition of the dinosaur on the poster and encourages to learn more about these fascinating creatures. Develops language skills stimulate the seeking of knowledge about world events.
in Pretend Play for age group 2+ with rental of $3.00
This complete bed with all the accessories makes for plenty of role play. The only thing you need to add is your own doll or teddy. Children love to imitate members of their own family. It encourages plenty of language skills. The carry pouch can be used when taking baby for a hike. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO SIT OR STAND ON BED.
in Pretend Play for age group 1+ with rental of $2.00
Encourages children as they play out 'caring' for baby as well as language development. Develops fine motor skills while role playing. Doll not included. Your child will learn while imitating others.

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