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in Pretend Play for age group 3+ with rental of $1.50
Celebrate dolly or teddy's birthday and invite their friends. This birthday cake will encourage role and imaginative play. It can be useful in leaning the beginning of basic maths and encourage counting as well as language skills by describing what is on the cake and how many pieces of cake or candles there are as well as what colour are the fruit pieces. It can encourage social play with friends.
in Pretend Play for age group 3+ with rental of $3.00
This play mat has a city on one side and a farm on the other. This mat measures 190 cm x 200 cm. allow lots of room for group play which develops social skills. It will encourage imaginative play and while developing fine motor skills while manipulation the vehicles along the roads.
in Dress-ups for age group 5-7 yrs with rental of $2.50
These costumes will encourage group pretend and role play for older children. The doctors jacket measures 65cm and the nurses vest is 53cm long. It can develop an interest and trust in these very important community figures. It will encourage learning about the human body and develop knowledge about health issues. DO NOT WEAR NEAR FIRES OR HEATERS
in Music for age group 3+ with rental of $1.50
Teaches cadence and timing and aids in developing an appreciation of music. Develops hand and arm muscles.
in Transport / Land, Air, Sea for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
These beautifully and sturdlly constructed wooden vehicles will encourage pretend and role play. With two together it assists to develop social play and language. They are a good size for small people to manage. Good companion toys for Toy 207 Crane Lift.
in Transport / Land, Air, Sea for age group 2+ with rental of $2.00
These small plastic trucks are suitable for outdoor sand play. The they allows for imaginative role play. Encourages language skills in describing the noise vehicles make and describing what the vehicles are.
in Fine Motor Skills for age group 1+ with rental of $1.50
The large sized blocks and other pieces make them easy to grasp . Pieces are interchangeable and encourages a sense of sound when they make a noise. Develops eye hand coordination. Encourages mobility when the train is pushed along the floor. The extra blocks encourages creativity.
in Transport / Land, Air, Sea for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
This collection of 3 different types of vehicles will encourage pretend role play with friends. They are of a size that fits small hands.
in Transport / Land, Air, Sea for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
Great pretend play with this set. The doors of the car open so family members can enter the vehicle like real life. Encourages role play of family members and recognises different ethnic groups in society.
in Pretend Play for age group 3+ with rental of $2.00
Develops interactive group play improving language skills. Encourages imaginative play imitating farming life and activities with both farm animals small vehicles.

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