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in Outdoors for age group 3+ with rental of $2.50
Falling water action encourages creative exploration allowing cause and effect learning. Water play is the beginning of basic science. The table is large enough for up to 3 children therefore encouraging social skills. It is suitable for two years of age also. Supervision is required.
in Outdoors for age group 2+ with rental of $3.00
Develops coordination and balance as well as strengthening leg muscles. A good transition to cycling skills. The seat is adjustable by using the tool provided. PLEASE READ SAFETY CARD before use. Supervision is required. Head protection is highly recommended.
in Outdoors for age group 4+ with rental of $2.00
Can be used individually or with 2 children. Develops teamwork and coordination. Suitable for indoors and outdoor play.
in Outdoors for age group 2+ with rental of $2.50
Encourages messy play both inside and outside. Children can create 3 D worlds exploring natural materials. Develops fine motor skills while learning about cause and effect perception. It is the beginning of their first science concepts of properties of materials.
in Outdoors for age group 2+ with rental of $2.00
Water play develops fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. It develops a sense of cause and effect concepts while experimenting with water. This is a child's introduction to the science around them while having fun.
in Outdoors for age group 2+ with rental of $2.00
This large cart with sturdy handles is easy to push or pull. The accessories encourage's garden or sand play. Develops muscle strength while helping with outdoor tasks.

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