Quadrilla Roundabout
in Construction
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NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 3 YEARS. Marbles and small pieces are choking hazards.

A marble run with a difference. Everything is to be built on the level while the accelerators give the marbles momentum to get to the next level. Watch the marbles race down the spiral. Very good for developing problem solving. The blocks have holes in different places. Lots of fun to be had in building different configurations. Develops basic science concepts regarding momentum and gravity.
Parts List
1 Roundabout spiral.
3 Marble Tracks
5 Purple Riser Blocks\'
4 Natural Foot Blocks
4 Small Red Marble Accelerators
2 Hole Cover Tracks
1 Red Marble Accelarator & Hole Cover
4 Marbles
2 Construction Idea Cards
Total Items 37
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